Pesticide Certfication and
Recertification in NJ, PA, NY


Due to the COVID 19 situation the State is allowing us to provide Basic training online.  IWe have aquired a program to perform this.  It will be live and requires web access, a computer or phone with a camera.   We will verify the attendance and there will be checks for class engagement with individual questions.   So the class is the same length and the final product is still the certificate.   We are awaiting final approval from the DEP for our process and we are off.  As of right now we will be limiting class size to just 15 to make sure it is manageable.  We may add more classes.  The sign up process will be the same as is our web site right now.  Class 101 is Basic Training.   If it is not approved we will have to move our April dates.  However pre-approval has already been granted.  It is just the logistics that the DEP must approve.  So if you are looking for Basic Training we are having it.