Pesticide Certfication and
Recertification in NJ, PA, NY

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101 — Basic Training and Basic CORE Topics

Basic Training and Basic CORE Topics - This class is an update on the latest Pesticide rules and regulations for National and State Rules, Regulations, and Laws. It can be used for NJ Basic Training requirement for Applicators or Operators initial requirement or for credit for those who already hold a license. Topics including the types of licensing, storage requirements, Notification requirements, First Aid, Label interpretation, Calculations for mixing correctly, and many other rules, regulations and laws are reviewed. This is the mandatory course for newcomers and doubles as excellent refresher and update course for maintaining ones CORE continuing education requirement.
NJ CourseID:
State course number will be provided in class
NY CourseID:
Please request NY credits two weeks prior to the class. State course number will be provided in class
NJ: 8 NJ Credits
NY: 3 NY Credits are available NY requests that we notify them in advance of the class to award these credits for NY. Requirement is name and license number of those requesting. Please follow your registration with an email requesting the credits if you need them. Thank you for your cooperation.
PA: 6 PA Credits can be awarded for this class. Please follow up with an email requesting that we apply for the credits in PA.

103BE — Turf Pest Control Choices Including IPM and Estimating Jobs

This Course focuses on Pest Control methods for Turf including pest ID, Pest Cultural methods of Control including IPM strategies, IPM planning, Calculating Turf Pest Control Product Mixtures for various Application equipment and reviewing labels and Estimating job costs.
NJ: In NJ Category 3B - 14 Credits; Category 8C- 14 Credits; Category 1A - 13 CREDITS; Category PP2 - 13 Credits; Category 13 - 12 Credits; Category 6B - 5 Credits; Category 3A - 3 Credits; CORE - 3 Credits[ PROFACT = 5 Credits!
NY: NY Core = 0.5; 3A & 3B = 5.25. If you need NY Credit you must request from us at least two weeks prior to the class by separate email to us. Thank you
PA: Category 00 Core - 1; Category PC Private Category - 6; Category 07 Lawn and Turf - 10; Category 18 Demonstration and Research - 10; Category 23 Park / School Pest Control - 10
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