Pesticide Certfication and
Recertification in NJ, PA, NY

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High Credit Value July through October
Classes offering high credits in CORE, 1A AGRICULTURAL PLANT, 3A ORNAMENTAL, 3B TURF, 3C INTERIOR PLANT-SCAPE, 5 Aquatic, 6B RIGHT-OF-WAY, 8C CAMPGROUND, PP2 PRIVATE APPLICATOR, and IPM in Schools are listed. Click the more to see what we have. Use our class registration to sign up. Most are approved. Some are awaiting approval for the credits proposed.
Our Turf Class 103B has had Multiple credits approved in categories 3b, 3a, 6b, 8c, 13, CORE in NJ.
California ban on Rodenticides
Check out the attached web site about California's attempt to ban the use of all rodenticides. Lets be frank. We are facing diseases such as Lyme, Powassan and many more. All of these diseases begin with rodents. The Ticks are vectors but the disease is coming from vermin. Rodents and ticks are edge species. They live on the edges. We as humans have carved up the land and created unlimited edges therefore we have a massive increase in population of these animals and therefore more spreading of disease. The Country of California and ones like it threaten this business and its operations with to substantiation to any of their claims. Certainly no one wants to cause harm to the pets and humans and it is rare. We take precautions. However the other side of the coin is impossible to live with in our society. You can join in the fight with a simple letter as the article suggests
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