Pesticide Certfication and
Recertification in NJ, PA, NY

  • New License Training - for NJ amd PA Licenses
  • Turf Courses - now with fertilizer credits.
  • Cooling Tower & Aquatics - training available
  • Get CEU Credits - on all category courses NJ, NY, PA
Class Schedule for Training and High Credit Value July and August
Classes with high credits in CORE, 1A AGRICULTURAL PLANT, 3A ORNAMENTAL, 3B TURF, 3C INTERIOR PLANT-SCAPE, 5 Aquatic, 6B RIGHT-OF-WAY, 8C CAMPGROUND, PP2 PRIVATE APPLICATOR, and IPM in Schools are listed. Click the more to see what we have. Use our class registration to sign up. Some are awaiting approval for the credits proposed.
Classes added in 7A and 3A in Morris County
Two classes for initial training and credits have been recently added to the schedule for July. Category 7A and 3A are online for registration.
courses available in spanish — custom courses — cursos disponibles en espaƱol