Pesticide Certfication and
Recertification in NJ, PA, NY



Mid Atlantic will custom design a course for you. Whether it be a customized mix of content, or just a private session you desire, we can accomodate.


  • 5 or more applicants
  • A location in which the course will be held
  • Pricing will depend upon the number of applicants and whether it can be opened up to public registration.

Lead Time

  • For a New Jersey Course...
  • Two Months for a Custom Course
  • 40 Days for a Basic Course
  • lead times will vary for other states.
Credit is generally based on instruction time and will vary by state and is subject to approval by state regulatory agency.


Mid Atlantic offers tutoring for the Fertilizer Exam. NJ Fertilizer Applicator License is not categorized under the state’s Pesticide Control program and is not covered by the pesticide license in New Jersey.


  • To get a license as a New Jersey Fertilizer Applicator, you must read the 95-page online manual and then pass a 50- question test.
  • All work is completed online.
  • The information is provided by Rutgers at Pro FACT (Professional Fertilizer Applicator Certification and Training.
Because the material may be a bit intense for newcomers, we offer short tutoring sessions, using the Fertilizer Modules to assist in passing the fertilizer exam.

We guarantee you will pass!!!

If interested please contact us immediately at 201.874.4453 or Email Us