Pesticide Certfication and
Recertification in NJ, PA, NY

Showing Courses Approved for NY Credits

103B LC — Turf - Standard & Alternative Insect, Disease & Weed Control Methods

TURF - Insect, Disease and Weed Control Methods in Turf. The course will examine major weed, insect and disease issues in Turf care. Methods of pest control including traditional, a strong emphasis on cultural, and alternative approaches including organic are examined. THIS IS FOR THOSE SEEKING CREDIT or Initial Turf Training
NJ CourseID:
033463 01/03/23, West Berlin, and 033464 1/5/23 Randolph
NY CourseID:
NY-23-425362 Randolph 8/21 NY-23-425363 10/16
NJ: 13 (IPM IN SCHOOLS) 10 NJ CREDITS. 3A (ONAMENTALS) 2 NJ CREDITS. 3B (TURF) 16 NJ CREDITS. 6B (RIGHT OF WAY) 6 NJ CREDITS. 8C (CAMPGROUND) 16 NJ CREDITS. CORE (BAISC SAFETY.HANDLING) 5 NJ CREDITS. PP2 (PRIVATE APPLICATOR) 15 CREDITS. This course is approved for 5 PROFACT credits and awaiting possible irrigation CEU approval as well.
NY: 3a 7.00 3b 7.00
PA: 00 - Core 3 PC - Private Category 6 07 - Lawn and Turf 10 18 - Demonstration and Research 10 23 - Park / School Pest Control 10

101 LC — Basic CORE Topics

Basic CORE Topics - This class is an update on the latest Pesticide rules and regulations for National and State Rules, Regulations, and Laws. Topics including the types of licensing, storage requirements, Notification requirements, First Aid, Label interpretation, Calculations for mixing correctly, and many other rules, regulations and laws are reviewed. This is the mandatory course for newcomers and doubles as excellent refresher and update course for maintaining ones CORE continuing education requirement.
NJ CourseID:
State course number will be provided in class
NY CourseID:
NY numbers will be provided if needed.
NJ: 8 NJ CORE Credits
NY: 3 NY Credits for this class
PA: 6 PA Credits awarded for this class.

103A LC — Ornamentals Including Native Outdoor Plants

This class covers methods of pest control for Ornamentals in NJ including IPM and IPM for schools. There are many categories of credit offered. The class can also be used for the Ornamental Training in lieu of the 40 NJ on the job requirement.
NJ CourseID:
034240 09/13/2023, 03241 09/21/2023, 03242 10/02/2023
NY CourseID:
NY-23-425324 10/02/2023
NJ: This class can be used for those who hold a Category license and wish to gain Credit units for recertification in the following Categories. The credits for NJ are as follows. 13 (IPM IN SCHOOLS) 06 NJ CREDITS, 3A (ORNAMENTALS) 16 NJ CREDITS, 3B (TURF) 03 NJ CREDITS, 3C (INTERIOR LANDSCAPE) 10 NJ CREDITs, 6B (RIGHT OF WAY) 05 NJ CREDITS, 8C (CAMPGROUND) 14 NJ CREDITS, CORE (BASIC SAFTEY AND HANDLING) 04 NJ CREDITS, PP2 (PRIVATE APPLICATOR) 14 NJ CREDITS.
NY: Categories - 1a 5.00 Credits, 3a 7.00 Credits, 3b 2.00 Credits, 3c 2.00 Credits, 6a 2.00 Credits.
PA: 00 - Core 2 PC - Private Category 6 06 - Ornamental and Shade Trees 10 18 - Demonstration and Research 10 23 - Park / School Pest Control 10
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